Zombies are alive. hr hr hr.

I think I say this every time but, I really love this doll!


The boy who drew this terrifying Zombie doll explained that it really did have legs, but that he ran out of room on the paper. So I, along with his Dad, got to kind of make them up. It was Dads idea to do the one shoe on and one shoe off, I just love how the toes turned out!

IMG_1758 IMG_1759

It seems like each new doll is my new favorite. I am looking forward to my next new favorite doll!

I would love to see what your children have come up with! Email them to me at Ashley@ChildDesigned.com

Lots of Family Fun!

IMG_1066 IMG_1037 IMG_1074 Miss CooleySo, I am a terrible blogger… But I am still making dolls and loving it! Here is some of my more recent work.

I lost some of the original drawings when we got our new computer and switched things over. So forgive me that I don’t have a before and after for each one.

These dolls were each drawn as a self portrait by the family of a wonderful woman that teaches kindergarten here in southern Utah.

She had each of her nieces and nephews and each of their children draw a picture of themselves, they had no idea what it was for, then had me make them each a doll for Christmas last year. It was a big project, and a few did not quite get finished in time. But, for what I hear, they were a big hit (even with the teens and adults)!

I so wish I had all of the pictures to share! I am missing 3-4 all together :( But, I guess, that’s the way it goes with technology sometimes.

And I guess that’s what I get for not posting them more quickly.

Make sure you click on them to see them full size.


I got a huge order a couple of weeks ago for 14 dolls before Christmas. This means I will not be able to take any more orders until January. Christmas it always an understandably busy time, so please keep me in mind for other holidays as well Easter and Birthdays would be great! I would love to be busy other times of the year too.

Stick Figure Family

2013-02-28 2013-02-031 Being a mother of 4 is not often helpful when I am trying to get things done, but I rarely have as much trouble as I had while trying to get these dolls finished! Thank you Shannon for being patient with me, and I really hope Henry loves is stick figure family.

I had a lot of fun turning 2013-02-030this drawing in to these cute dolls! I generally like to stick to the drawing as closely as I can when making these dolls, but when it’s requested I will make changes. As I made each one a different color.

Henry’s Mom also had a great idea to make a little tag so that your child can always remember how old they were when they drew their doll. I think this is such a great idea, I am going to make it standard on all my dolls from now on!

Thank you Henry (and Mom) for sharing your drawing with me!

A 6 year old’s view of his family

DSC_1023Gotta love it! Eli has imagined up his entire family their own super powers!

The descriptions Eli gave were far more detailed than his picture was, I was told he plays games with these characters all the time and even dressed as lightening boy for Halloween!

Mom is Cuddle Woman! She has a blanket for a cape, and fuzzy slippers. She is super soft and warm, but when she is fighting the bad guys she can turn on an intense heat!

Eli (Age 6) is Lightening Boy! Everything from his cape to his hair crackles and sparks with electricity!

Dad is Muscle Boy! And, as you might have guessed, he is super strong.

Everyone also has a special watch that turns on and off their super powers.

My dolls are usually a bit bigger than these, but we wanted them to be small enough that a six year old could handle them all and let them play together.

Merry Christmas Eli! I hope you have fun with these!

(P.S. Click on the picture to see more ;))

I’m back!

Wow, a week of sick kids followed by a week of sick me has really put me behind on my Christmas projects!

As of today, I will not be accepting any more Christmas orders. Sorry I had to cut it off early, I’ve had enough interest that I am going to be rushing just to finish the orders I already have. But, please, keep me in mind for Easter and Birthdays! :)

And, as promised, I will be posting Elli’s Super Hero Dolls tomorrow…

Cute Little Doodle Doll

Just finished this little cutie, and couldn’t wait to share! Designed by Kelly, Age 3.  It was just a little black ink doodle, but mom wanted me to use her favorite colors, pink and purple, so there you go!

And stay tuned, I’m also working on some super hero dolls. Coming soon. :)

*Christmas Orders*

Eight easy steps to a fun and surprising Christmas morning.

  1. You send me an email to Ashley@childdesigned.com. Please include: A picture of your child’s drawing, the child’s description of their creature, the artists name and age, and let me know if you have requests for specific materials i.e. silky, fuzzy, sparkly…
  2. I’ll take a look at all the details and send you back a price quote, along with an estimation of how long it will take me to get it done. Prices start at $30, plus $10 shipping and handling, and increase depending on the complexity of the drawing.
  3. When we’ve got all the details worked out, I will send you a PayPal invoice.
  4. Once paid I will get started creating you child’s new favorite softie friend!
  5. I’ll send you a couple of photos for final approval before shipping.
  6. I ship your child’s drawing doll to you!
  7. It arrives, you wrap it up and wait for Christmas morning.
  8. Christmas morning arrives,  your child jumps and squeals excitedly at the sight of his/her very own, one of a kind, new best friend that they helped create!

In order to allow enough time for sewing and shipping, I am requesting that Christmas orders be started by December 1st.

You may start your order as late December 12th, but there will be a rush fee of $10 added to your order. If your send me a picture any later than the 12th, I cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.